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A story of heart

beautiful ivy greenery
Headshot of beautiful woman Kalli Kunzler, Founder and designe of The Warm Fuzzies Co. Entrepreneur, surface pattern designer, mom.


The Warm Fuzzies Co.’s mission is to spread messages of love, encouragement and appreciation through high-quality blankets.


Using a platform of popular minky blankets, The Warm Fuzzies Co. is the only minky blanket company purposefully using exclusive designs to spread positivity and love throughout the world. These luxurious blankets have high-quality minky on the front back.


I create original art for every blanket. I integrate special messages into the surface pattern design; such as, “You are so loved”, “The beauty you add to this world has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with who you are”, “Forever and always, no matter what”, “You’re not alone” and so many more. Each blanket has a unique design style and purpose. For example, my “Feminist Princess” blanket (see picture in product sample PDF) celebrates bright colors and youthful design elements while reinforcing feminine strength and worthwhile character traits. My “Teacher Appreciation” blanket includes cute, yet mature, school-themed patterns mixed with 16 quotes that tell your favorite teacher how grateful you are for their hard work and influence. My “Courage” blanket is an uplifting collage of colorful modern boho patterns mixed with supportive and uplifting quotes; such as “struggle uncovers strength”, “life is tough but so are you”, “you got this”, “you’re not alone”, “inhale courage exhale fear” and more.


Warm Fuzzies Co blankets stand out thanks to a combination of meaningful messages, original pattern design and high-quality fabrics. I see these blankets as my way of combating hate and loneliness by encouraging people to be thoughtful of others and give gifts that send powerful messages to the recipient every time they are used.


Now doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies?! 


In times of sadness or celebration there are those who deliver dinner or babysit kids. I make blankets. It all started with a midnight idea to design a triangle "cheater quilt" for my newborn girl instead of cutting and sewing all those little pieces. I was instantly hooked. I started making blankets for my family members - baby quilts and hand-drawn memorial designs to honor our deceased grandparents. People started asking for my meaningful blankets and soon I was as busy as I could handle. 


In Oct of 2018 I decided to make my dream of The Warm Fuzzies Co an official business and now I am in awe of the impact it has had on my life as well as those of my customers. I'm not in the blanket business, I'm in the business of spreading thoughtfulness and love across the globe. I can't count the number of times I've been brought to tears hearing the story of how one of my blankets - or rather, the thoughtfulness and love given by the gift-giver - deeply impacted the recipient. I truly feel called to this and am forever thankful for my customers who are so loyal and proud of this company. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the light you are shining in the world.


I feel blessed to have the choice not to work full-time while my young kids are little. I love being able to be home with them and be a part of every moment. However, in the quiet moments after preschool drop-offs and early bed times, my heart turns to these blankets and thinking of how I can make a difference in the world. I still get excited about every blanket I make and my heart goes out with it when it's delivered.  

I’m passionate about spreading love and uplifting others. As a stay-at-home-mom of three little people, I am constantly thinking of how to teach them to be good humans and add value to the world. I naturally started adding messages to my pattern designs as I filled our home with minky blankets because I wanted my kids to soak in the messages as they read them over and over. For example, our “Family Rules” blanket has our go-to rules of “anything worth doing is worth doing right”, “use your words to build up, not to tear down”, “leave things better than you found them” and “treat others the way you want to be treated”. My kids snuggle this blanket daily and I hope they’re brainwashed by the time they’re 10! On my social media feeds I share positive, encouraging messages. I get to know my customers and celebrate or mourn along with them. I also share messages about redefining beauty and stereotypes for women (see my daughter and I holding her “Feminist Princess” blanket in my attached PDF). I connect with my customers because they also have a desire to give meaningful, thoughtful gifts that will be useful and appreciated. These blankets are full of thought, intent and love. Because minky blankets are so popular right now, my shop allows people to give a desirable gift while also sending a powerful message which will be reinforced each time the blanket is used.

So, THANK YOU for being here and being YOU.

Teacher in classroom is surprised with thoughtful gift of The Warm Fuzzie Co. soft minky blanket designed for Teacher Appreciation
Preschool students giving a rolled up soft minky blanet to their teache from The Warm Fuzzis Co.
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