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  • How do I pick a size?
    Read details about my Blanket Sizes here! I've never regretted sizing up.
  • How do I clean my minky blankets?
    In the washing machine! They are colorfast and won't bleed. Don't use heat or softener. Here's more detail on how to care for these treasures.
  • How much time does it take to receive personalized blankets?
    Please check the Turnaround Time page for specific time estimates. Custom blankets take longer than personalized blankets, due to the nature of the fabric being created from scratch. I often have a few "Ready to Ship" blankets which will ship within two business days of purchase.
  • What is minky?
    "Minky" is the name of the very soft, luxurious 100% polyester fabric our blankets are made with. Some manufacturers call it cuddle, snuggle or minkee... but it's the same idea. However, not all minky is the same. The longer the pile (length of the individual fabric hairs) the more plush the minky feels. Also, cheap minky doesn't hold up to washing and use the way that our high-quality minky will. High-quality minky stays colorfast, soft and warm.

Frequently asked questions about THESE thoughtful gifts

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