Nothing beats a double plush blanket! Ultra-soft, plush minky on the front and back will keep you cozy year-round. Optional pillow pocket is fun for travel or storing blanket - the blanket just folds up into the attached pocket and serves as a super soft pillow.


When you order, I will reach out to you via email to help you pick your fabrics.


  • Custom Colors
  • Front and Back Minky
  • Highest Quality: the minky (sometimes called faux fur) I use is a higher-quality and higher GSM than what you usually find at big fabric retailers. I will only use the highest quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Machine Washable: Colorfast!  You can wash these blankets at home without worry of bleeding colors. Just don't use heat or fabric softener. (See "Care Instructions" for more details.)
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop: I design every piece of art on the blanket, place every fabric order, wrap and ship every blanket.  My talented seamstress is also a full time mom of 4 here in Kaysville, UT.  This is not a generic, bulk operation - you and your blanket get our full love and attention.




We added this style of blanket to the shop when we started making pillow blankets and it has been a hit! Who doesn't love cute colors and insanely soft fabrics?! Our first pillow blanket was made for my 4 yr old daughter for Christmas and we realized the demand for fun pillow blankets!

Double Plush Blanket - Custom Colors

Pillow Pocket
  • Lovey (~19"x23"), NO pillow: carseat blanket, security blanket size.

    Small (~30"x36"), NO pillow: baby blanket, stroller blanket size.

    Medium (~39"x48"), 13" pillow: ideal for kids travel.

    Travel (~39"x57"), 13" pillow: ideal for taking to appointments.

    Large (~48"x57"), 16" pillow: great couch throw / lap blanket size.

    XL (~57"x75"), 19" pillow: maximum coverage, covers toes while on couch, wraps around shoulders, covers a full size bed.