The best blanket for family movie night! Designed to remind your family of what matters most and your core values. Spend time snuggled up with a blanket that will make a lasting impact. 


I will email you to select the back fabric which will work best in your home. If you choose customization of the quotes, please send the quotes to me via email at


Why This Blanket Is So Special:

  • Personalized: The main rectangle features the first and last name of your immediate family as part of the printed design.  Another square highlights the number of people in your family.  The other quotes remain the same unless you request customization.
  • Front and Back Minky: the front is a printed, deisgner minky and the back (and trim) is a longer-pile, ultra plush minky.  I only use the highest quality, long lasting materials.
  • Meaningful Design: original art reminds your girl of how great she is.
    • Messages on the blanket include: it's always better when we're together, anything worth doing is worth doing right, be where you should when you should, use your words to build up not to tear down, leave things better than you found them, and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Machine Washable: Colorfast!  You can wash these blankets at home without worry of bleeding colors. Just don't use heat or fabric softener. (See "Care Instructions" for more details.)
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop: I design every piece of art on the blanket, place every fabric order, wrap and ship every blanket.  My talented seamstress is also a full time mom of 4 here in Kaysville, UT.  This is not a generic, bulk operation - you and your blanket get our full love and attention.


The Story Behind the Blanket:

I made this blanket for my family at Christmas.  My husband has a sweet movie sound system in the basement (he would call it something cooler than that) and so I surprised him with the coziest basement blanket we've ever had.  We love to watch movies by the fire and our whole family of 5 fits under our XL Long Family Rules blanket!

Family Rules

Customize Quotes?