This is more than just an adorable, insanely cozy blanket.  It is a one-of-a-kind keepsake, designed to celebrate your sweet babe and a special day in their life such as a baptism or blessing. The hope is that snuggling with this Warm Fuzzy will be a reminder of the special day and the love surrounding your little one.  One day they will carry it around as they wreak havoc and you’ll miss the good ‘ole days. Enjoy the snuggles!


This particular blanket is usually backed with a white plush minky backing. Contact me to request a different color backing.


  • Front and Back Minky: the front is a short pile minky and the back (and trim) is a longer-pile, ultra plush minky.
  • Meaningful Design: this art is exclusive to The Warm Fuzzies Co and has the best message for anyone to soak in.
  • Quality: the minky (sometimes called faux fur) I use is a higher-quality and higher GSM than what you usually find at big fabric retailers. I will only use the highest quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Machine Washable: Colorfast! You can wash these blankets at home without worry of bleeding colors. Just don't use heat or fabric softener. (See "Care Instructions" for more details.)
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop: I design every piece of art on the blanket, place every fabric order, wrap and ship every blanket. My talented seamstress andn I are both full-time moms in Kaysville, UT. This is not a generic, bulk operation - you and your blanket get our full love and attention.

Baby Blessing Lovey

Color Scheme
  • What size is a Lovey? Read about sizes HERE.