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These mini's have a secure loop sewn into the corner for attaching small items. Remember how frustrating it is when your baby drops their binky out of their carseat? These mini binky blankets are easy to loop on to pacifiers or teething toys to help keep track of them. It also gives those tiny little hands something soft to grab and play with. There's something even cooler though...



There's really awesome science behind the role of scent for bonding and self-soothing for premies, newborns and puppies. As you snuggle with this mini Warm Fuzzy, your scent will transfer to the material and your baby (or puppy) can easily detect it. When they smell your scent on their blanket it helps them to feel safe and secure which means they can calm themselves easier. These mini bonding blankets will help your baby in the NICU, the hospital nursery and at home when they move to their own room. Parents should re-snuggle after washing.




Designed with an adorable swiss cross pattern, these mini blankets are perfect newborn baby gifts and function as sensory toys and bonding blankets. Trust me, parents' will thank you for helping keep the binky off the dirty van floor!


  • Front and Back Minky: the front is a printed, designer minky and the back is a longer-pile, ultra plush minky.
  • Quality: the minky (sometimes called faux fur) I use is a higher-quality and higher GSM than what you usually find at big fabric retailers. I will only use the highest quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Seasonal: these patterns and colors are on-trend and very popular!
  • Size: 6"x8" is the perfect size for tiny hands to grab and move around
  • Machine Washable: Colorfast! You can wash these blankets at home without worry of bleeding colors. Just don't use heat or fabric softener. (See "Care Instructions" for more details.)
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop: I designed the art on these little minis! I place every fabric order, wrap and ship every blanket. My talented seamstress is also a full time mom of 4 here in Kaysville, UT. This is not a generic, bulk operation - you and your blanket get our full love and attention.




  • "RTS" means Ready to Ship: Some blankets are ready to ship within 2 business days and are denoted with "RTS" in the product options dropdown box. If it's not RTS, the blanket will be made to order and typically takes 3 weeks (more info on turnaround times here). Check my Ready To Ship section if you need a blanket within the next two weeks.




When my friend was having a premature baby, I wanted to give her something to snuggle with so the baby could bond with her scent while in the NICU. A lot of people use an old tshirt but I thought this would be a sweet gift that would also be useful. This small size is so cute with their tiny little bodies and the ultra-plush fabric is soft against their smooth skin. After I made my first one, I had people asking me for them for their older kids, too. Consequently, I've added the attachment loop into my larger "Lovey" blankets.

"New Here" Mini

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