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"You are so loved". We all need to hear it. We all need to FEEL it. Unfortunately, the world dishes out a lot of hate. But, I believe there's more light than darkness. This blanket is one of the ways I choose to shine light. When given to the right person in the right context, this blanket can be a game-changer. We all know someone who could really benefit from this reminder every time they use their insanely cozy blanket. The design is versatlie enough that it could be given to any person at any age. Please, help me share the love by giving someone this blanket. Or, donate toward one of these blankets which I donate every month (see more details here).


  • Front and Back Minky: the front is a short pile minky and the back (and trim) is a longer-pile, ultra plush minky.
  • Meaningful Design: this art is exclusive to The Warm Fuzzies Co and has the best message for anyone to soak in.
  • Quality: the minky (sometimes called faux fur) I use is a higher-quality and higher GSM than what you usually find at big fabric retailers. I will only use the highest quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Machine Washable: Colorfast! You can wash these blankets at home without worry of bleeding colors. Just don't use heat or fabric softener. (See "Care Instructions" for more details.)
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop: I design every piece of art on the blanket, place every fabric order, wrap and ship every blanket. My talented seamstress andn I are both full-time moms in Kaysville, UT. This is not a generic, bulk operation - you and your blanket get our full love and attention.




  • "RTS" means Ready to Ship: Some blankets are ready to ship within 2 business days and are denoted with "RTS" in the product options dropdown box. If no RTS blankets are available, the blanket will be made to order (MTO) and typically takes around 3.5 weeks (more info on turnaround times here). 




I designed this blanket as my way of helping others share love and kindness. I see people around me who feel hurt and ostracized by the people around them. When I see people that are sad, I immediately want to give them a blanket. So, I designed a blanket that would act as a reminder to those individuals that they are seen and they are loved. They will always remember who gave them the blanket and what that gesture meant to them. Then, hopefully they will feel more arms around them and know that they are loved.

So Loved Blanket

  • The photo of the Rainbow blanket shows a "Large" which is approx. 48"x57".

    The photo of the Pink color scheme shows a "Travel" which is approx. 39"x57".

    More blanket size information can be found here.

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