the warm fuzzies co.

Spreading messages of love, encouragement and appreciation through meaningful blankets.



Encouragement, support, love, appreciation... these blankets reinforce your message every time they're used.


Babies, kids, teens and adults... everyone loves having their own meaningful blanket. See what's available in your favorite size!


Sports, princesses, constellations, dogs, florals, mudcloth... it's all here! Exclusive, on-trend designs handmade by Kalli.


Need a last-minute gift? Many blankets are already in stock. Ready-to-ship items ship in 2 business days.


From newborn babies, NICU stays and big-kid beds to birthdays, graduations and weddings... meaningful blankets are perfect gifts for every stage.


Have something specific in mind? Work directly with Kalli to create a new blanket. Limited availability; see page for details.


What you're creating is something magical and your vision is beautiful.

"I'm just leaving the hospital; met the parents and gave out the blankets. They were SO happy - the dad wants to frame it. And my friend cried. You seriously did such an amazing job making such a thoughtful and memorable gift. Thank you so, so much. 

My heart is bursting!!! I love that it was made just for me. This is a very special blanket, I will cherish and love it forever. THANK YOU!!!

The Lord's hand was definitely in this and I'm grateful for your talent and willingness to share with me this idea!